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VALTECH is ready to assist HKFRS 9

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Requirements under the new HKFRS 9 on Expected Credit Loss: Most Financial Instruments are subject to Expected Credit Loss Assessments under HKFRS 9. ECL typically covers trade receivable, contract assets, loan and other receivables .A Simplified Approach for trade receivable based on a Provision Matrix of Lifetime ECL. A 3-Stage General Approach for loan and other receivables, and as a policy choice for trade and lease receivables with significant financing component. Forward looking economic scenarios and their impacts on a weighted average ECL.

Business Valuation Hong Kong

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The demand for business valuation in Hong Kong has been growing steadily over the years along with the growth of the number of listed companies in Hong Kong. Listed  company requires business valuation to fulfill the requirements of fair value accounting. Business valuers or appraisers are also appointed in acquisition or disposal transaction to

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