ISO 9001 Certified in Valuation Advisory

ISO 9001 Certified in Valuation Advisory

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Intern Research: Comparison among total valuation of companies in different sectors

September 18th, 2023|Categories: Valtech Insights, Valtech's Internship Programme, Valuation Data Analytics|Tags: , |

In our ongoing commitment to advancing academic research in the field of valuation, we are excited to present the topic: "Comparison among total valuation of companies in different sectors." At Valtech Valuation, we prioritize the cultivation of talent and the promotion of logical and innovative thinking based on available data, and today, we are excited to highlight the work of Mr. Leo Chung, a research intern from the University of Hong Kong.

Valtech Valuation Completes Valuation on Biological Asset Project

August 24th, 2023|Categories: About Valtech, Biological Assets Valuation, Business Valuation, News|Tags: , |

Valtech’s valuation team has recently completed business valuation for a biological asset project in Shandong Province. This project presented unique challenges and opportunities, as we adopted Hong Kong Accounting Standard 41 – Agriculture(“HKAS41”) to assess the fair value of our client's wheat crops, aligning our practices with internationally recognized accounting guidelines.

Valtech Valuation Completes Purchase Price Allocation of Anime-Figure Manufacturer

July 25th, 2023|Categories: Business Valuation, PPA Assessment|

Valtech’s team announced today that we have successfully completed a purchase price allocation (PPA) of an authorized anime-figure manufacturing business that was recently acquired by a strategic buyer whose business is media content distribution.

Valtech provides all-round valuation services including business valuation advisory, expected credit loss valuation, property valuation, mining valuation and valuation for other assets with ISO 9001 certified quality management system. Our team is experienced in serving listed companies, private equity and companies working for IPO. We were formed by a team of professionals with diversity of expertise and experience.  Besides, Valtech team has hand-on experience in valuing specialized assets such as biological assets and mineral assets.

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