A “valuation reviewer” is a professional valuer engaged to review the work of another valuer. As part of a valuation review, that professional may perform certain valuation procedures and/or provide an opinion of value.

Review of valuation inputs and assumptions

The purpose of the valuation, the basis of value, the extent and limits on the investigations and any sources of information that may be relied upon are part of the valuation assignment’s scope of work that must be communicated to all parties to the valuation assignment. Our valuation reviews endeavor to enhance the credibility of valuation.

  • the scope of the work performed to the extent that each is applicable to the assignment,
  • the approach or approaches adopted,
  • the method or methods applied,

  • the key inputs used,

  • the assumptions made,

  • the conclusion(s) of value and principal reasons for any conclusions Reached

Scope of Review

A review of the model’s logic;

A review of the model’s consistency with financial and contractual documentation;

A review of the model’s consistency with relevant accounting or financial reporting requirements;

A sensitivity review

Relevant Standards