Understanding the Nature of the ICO / STO

Since different ICO / STO has different characteristics, such as the technology adopted, underlying business that backs the ICO / STO, investment and financing structures etc. Valtech has a professional team which possess valuation expertise across different industries. At the early stage of the engagement, our team will conduct meetings with the clients and relevant parties to make sure that details of the STO are grasped.

Security Token Offerings Valuation Service

(Stage 1) Know the business model

(Stage 2) Develop valuation models

(Stage 3) Simulations of major valuation inputs

(Stage 4) Compilation of valuation report

We Have Valued a Tokenized Ecosystem of Entertainment

A crypto project founded by experienced entertainment veterans and movie superstars, backed by a fractional ownership of an entertainment ecosystem GDP under development.

– Private sales of tokens to PIs which grant the owners an access to future consumerables in the ecosystem, with potential yield / capital upside upon a resale.

– The project team gradually releases the tokens to align the supply in monetary base with the GDP of the ecosystem as it grows. Monetary theory is followed (MV = PQ). Simulation is conducted.

Report Compilation

In addition to developing a customised valuation model for the ICO / STO, a valuation report is compiled in order to explain the target ICO / STO to report users in both quantitative and narrative manners.