ISO 9001 Certified in Valuation Advisory

ISO 9001 Certified in Valuation Advisory

About Valtech

Valtech Valuation has established its Singapore office and is offering valuation advisory services to various AI startup projects

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Valtech Singapore plays a crucial role in assisting traditional enterprises in valuating their AI projects. By quantifying the value of these projects, Valtech facilitates the participation of them in pioneering Accelerators, allowing them to explore potential investors and partners.

Valtech Valuation Actively Assists in LSP Valuation for Property and Hotels Businesses in Hong Kong

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Our dedicated team actively assists in LSP valuation, ensuring accurate assessments tailored to our client’s needs. Valtech Valuation is a preferred choice for precise and strategic LSP valuation in Hong Kong's dynamic labor market.

Valtech Valuation HKEX-GL116-23 Disclosure of the Basis of Consideration and Business Valuations Compliance Tips

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In October 2023, the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (HKEX) has published a guidance letter "Disclosure of the basis of consideration and business valuations in notifiable transactions", which emphasises the fairness and reasonableness of the terms of the transaction. Valtech Valuation provides a summary of recommendations for compliance with HKEx-GL116-23, which aims to help companies complete compliant disclosures.

Valtech Valuation Completes Valuation on Biological Asset Project

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Valtech’s valuation team has recently completed business valuation for a biological asset project in Shandong Province. This project presented unique challenges and opportunities, as we adopted Hong Kong Accounting Standard 41 – Agriculture(“HKAS41”) to assess the fair value of our client's wheat crops, aligning our practices with internationally recognized accounting guidelines.

Valtech Demonstrated How Certified Public Accountants in Valuation Firm Can Enhance Reliability of ECL and Valuation

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Valtech Valuation ("Valtech"), a Hong Kong-based valuation firm, has recognised and demonstrated an increasingly pivotal role played by Certified Public Accountants ("CPAs") in ensuring full compliance with relevant statutory standards when preparing and reviewing expected credit loss (“ECL”) assessments and other valuations.

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