The Business Valuation and Valuation Need for Accounting training seminar was successfully held on 17 November 2023 in Hong Kong. With more than 20 people from a CPA firm focusing on listed companies attended this seminar.

During the first session of the seminar, an experienced valuer, Matthew Leung, shared the knowledge and cutting-edge news and trend of business valuation including equity interest, impairment testing, intangible assets, purchase price allocation and so on, which are very useful and practical for both CPA and audit practitioners.

In the second-half session, another highly experienced valuer of Valtech, Keith Lui, shared latest changes and new standards of HKFRS 9, HKFRS16 and the valuation method of expected Credit loss and lease incremental borrowing rate. Some significant points need to be pay attention by auditors were carefully highlighted, and the valuation method from Big 4 accounting firms and Valtech were well introduced in this session. Newly passed abolition of MPF offsetting mechanism to long service payment was also highlighted as well as change to long service payment calculation and possible accounting treatment.