Valtech’s valuation team has recently completed a Trademark Valuation for a sports company, which is prestigious in football sector. We are glad to be a trusted valuation firm for delivering valuation opinion to client in sports sector.

Trademark is an intangible asset, so we consider adopting relief from royalty method under the income approach and using 25% rule of thumb on the determination of the royalty rate.

Before arriving at the conclusion, we have exercised due care in analyzing the target company’s financial projection and conducted in-depth research on market performance. We have also made a timely and effective communication with the client and its auditor.

Why Valtech?

Valtech’s team has provided valuation advice to over 200 listed companies in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany.

Valtech Valuation is a professional valuation firm accredited with ISO-9001 in valuation advisory services. The financial market and valuation requirements are highly dynamic. We are determined to develop and maintain a quality management system to foster an environment which is sustainable and evolving continuously. Our founders stress on development of a system and an environment that our consultants are provided with necessary support and opportunities to thrive.

We are a team of professionals from multiple disciplines including audit, financial modelling, tax, internal control and surveying. Our management adheres professional excellence. Abundant resources are reserved to develop standardized policies and procedures for quality control. We have solid track record in valuation advisory for listed companies, private equity, fund managers and financial institutions. We work closely with big four and other international accounting firms, corporate financial advisors, fund managers and legal advisors.