ISO 9001 Certified in Valuation Advisory

ISO 9001 Certified in Valuation Advisory

LSP Valuation

Valtech Valuation Has Developed a Strong Profile in LSP Valuation under HKAS 19

2024-05-13T02:27:26+00:00May 13th, 2024|Categories: Business Valuation|Tags: , , |

Valtech Valuation is actively helping clients with several thousands of employees in quantifying their LSP obligation under the new legislation in a truly detailed manner. In the sector of long service payment valuation, Valtech is truly professional and experienced.

Valtech Valuation Completes a Valuation for an Asia-based group specializing in luxury brand distribution

2024-05-07T03:26:06+00:00April 12th, 2024|Categories: Business Valuation|Tags: , , |

The regulatory change necessitates a revision of actuarial assumptions and estimates in LSP liability calculations, significantly affecting companies with large workforces in Hong Kong. Our valuation model, reviewed by an international audit firm, showcases the financial impact of these changes in a user-friendly manner.

Valtech Valuation Actively Assists in LSP Valuation for Property and Hotels Businesses in Hong Kong

2024-03-07T08:33:24+00:00January 30th, 2024|Categories: About Valtech, Business Valuation|Tags: , , , |

Our dedicated team actively assists in LSP valuation, ensuring accurate assessments tailored to our client’s needs. Valtech Valuation is a preferred choice for precise and strategic LSP valuation in Hong Kong's dynamic labor market.

Valtech Valuation Calculator for Long Service Payment (LSP) and Severance Payment (SP)

2024-03-22T07:40:42+00:00October 19th, 2023|Categories: Financial Reporting IFRS HKFRS|Tags: |

Valtech Valuation has updated and enhanced their LSP valuation model based on Projected Unit Credit Method, making reference to the HKICPA issued comprehensive guidance for the accounting for the impact arising from the abolition of the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF)-Long Service Payment (LSP) offsetting mechanism (the "Abolition") on entities in Hong Kong. Past service cost should be recorded in the year of enactment of the Amendment Ordinance.

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