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Valtech Valuation Completes Valuation on Environment Hygiene Business

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Valtech’s valuation team has recently completed a valuation (impairment assessment) for a listed blue-chip company for its environment hygiene business. We are glad to be a trusted valuation firm for delivering valuation opinion to clients from environmental sustainability industry.

Valuation and Accounting Concept Tutorial (Purchase Price Allocation – PPA)

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Read the Reference Materials and click the “Questions” tab to answer the questions, a CPD proof will be generated and sent to your email upon completion of this case study. If you fail on your first attempt, don’t worry. You will see the answers and you may attempt again. This case study is provided

Biotech Valuation & Healthcare Valuation Service

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Given the uncertainties associated with valuation of biotech enterprises, valuers can put stronger effort in benchmarking. A solid pool of comparable listed companies and comparable transaction will be highly useful to support valuation assumptions at different clinical trial phase.

Goodwill: potential directions of development

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The staff of Hong Kong Institute of CPAs and the staff of Accounting Standards Board of Japan (ASBJ) published a research paper (RP), Goodwill: Improvements to Subsequent Accounting and an Update of the Quantitative Study in March 2020. We would like to highlight some interesting findings from the paper: A steady increase in

Valtech’s Valuation/ECL Services for Financial Reporting Season of 2019/2020

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We have developed strong database, technology and team for efficient turnaround. No matter which auditors you use, we are experienced to handle the expected and unexpected issues that may arise.

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