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Valtech Valuation Launches Efficient System for Employee Stock Option and Convertible Bond Valuation

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To assist managements with overcoming these hassles, Valtech has developed online channels for clients to conduct a preliminary assessment on their potential ESOP. Through the user-friendly interface, users can input some basic parameters (e.g. stock price, vesting period, exercise price of the ESOP, dilution factor and suboptimal factor), from which the model will instantly generate preliminary results. Financial Controller or Chief Financial Officer of a company can immediately gauge the potential profit or loss impact from issuance of such equity linked instruments.

Valtech’s Valuation/ECL Services for Financial Reporting Season of 2019/2020

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We have developed strong database, technology and team for efficient turnaround. No matter which auditors you use, we are experienced to handle the expected and unexpected issues that may arise.

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