ISO 9001 Certified in Valuation Advisory

ISO 9001 Certified in Valuation Advisory

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Valtech’s valuation completed ECL for a Hong Kong-based media company

November 9th, 2023|Categories: ECL Assessment, Financial Reporting IFRS HKFRS|Tags: , , , |

We invested a significant amount of time in identifying suitable market benchmarks to determine loss rates for these counterparties. Given the diverse nature of these counterparties, including differences in industry, nature, and size, our team faced challenges in developing a systematic approach to derive objective results.

HKEX Disclosure Requirements on Business Valuation in Transactions | Valtech Valuation, An Experienced Business Valuation Provider for Notifiable Transactions

November 7th, 2023|Categories: Business Valuation, Circular / Publicly Quoted Valuation, News, Valtech Insights|Tags: , , |

In October 2023, The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (HKEx) published a guidance letter (the "Guidance Letter”) outlining the disclosure gaps identified in transaction circulars from their previous vetting. The Guidance Letter underscores the need for listed companies to provide adequate explanation of the basis of determining the consideration of the transaction by disclosing in the transaction announcement sufficient and objective information with quantitative inputs and analysis to substantiate how the consideration was arrived at.

Valtech Valuation provides LSP valuation under new legislation

October 19th, 2023|Categories: Financial Reporting IFRS HKFRS|Tags: |

Valtech Valuation has updated and enhanced their LSP valuation model based on Projected Unit Credit Method, making reference to the HKICPA issued comprehensive guidance for the accounting for the impact arising from the abolition of the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF)-Long Service Payment (LSP) offsetting mechanism (the "Abolition") on entities in Hong Kong. Past service cost should be recorded in the year of enactment of the Amendment Ordinance.

Valtech provides all-round valuation services including business valuation advisory, expected credit loss valuation, property valuation, mining valuation and valuation for other assets with ISO 9001 certified quality management system. Our team is experienced in serving listed companies, private equity and companies working for IPO. We were formed by a team of professionals with diversity of expertise and experience.  Besides, Valtech team has hand-on experience in valuing specialized assets such as biological assets and mineral assets.

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