Business Valuation for US Estate Tax Purpose

Valtech’s valuation team has recently completed a business valuation of a local food distributing company for United States estate tax purposes.

The subject company is a Hong Kong-based company with long operating history in importing and distributing foreign food to local restaurants. We have in-depth communications with the management team in relation to the prospect of the subject company before we provide our opinion. Our conclusion is based on both discounted cash flow analysis and market approach, ensuring that the result matches the management teams’ opinion and also won’t deviate from market expectations.

Why Professional Valuer?

Unlike normal listed companies in Hong Kong which follows IFRS in their financial reporting, this valuation is based on US GAAP for US estate tax purpose. The two accounting standards have some key differences that people may easily overlook. Engaging a professional valuer with a competent accounting background can help customers to prevent potential mistakes of mixing up the 2 standards. Valtech Valuation is experienced in handling valuations based on both US GAAP and IFRS.

About Valtech Valuation

Valtech Valuation is a professional valuation firm accredited with ISO-9001 in valuation advisory services. The firm is renowned for its expertise in advanced valuation techniques, customized valuation models, data-driven insights, and adherence to compliance and reporting standards. The firm has a solid track record in valuation advisory for listed companies, private equity, fund managers, and financial institutions. Valtech’s qualified team comprises members with PhDs, CPA (HKICPA), CFA, Chartered Valuation Surveyors of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and valuers accredited with Business Valuation (ABV) by AICPA and CVA qualifications in Singapore. Valtech continues to expand into more markets by leveraging its valuation platform and recruiting local experts.